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Content marketing: content only is king if you dress it like one

June 27, 2010

The phrase “content is king” has been around since the early days of the worldwide web. If that statement really is true, why have so many companies – including many of the world’s leading media companies – struggled to make money online, or even attract a loyal readership?

Why is it so much more fun to read Golf Digest, Vogue, GQ or Marie Claire in print than online?

It’s not the content….it’s the environment.

A beautifully crafted, well-written story in Vanity Fair magazine, for example, is heralded as a literary masterpiece. The reader luxuriates over the quality of the expansive photography, is drawn in by the subtleties of the design and leaves with their appetite for a top quality editorial experience fully sated. If they really enjoy the story, they may read it again and again – sometimes months or even years later.

That very same piece online most likely will have been uploaded to the web via a content management system that imports every feature into a sterile, template layout. Gone are the impactful and eye-catching images. Gone is the subtle use of white space that quietly conveys a sense of style to the story. Gone are the barely detectable fine lines that lead your eye to a stunning photograph or an insightful quote. Gone is the passion. Gone is the creativity. Gone is the engagement.

Regardless of its format, to be perceived as valuable and worthy of reading by your target audience or consumer, your content should be presented with flair, professionalism and, if at all possible – a dash of panache!

After all, if your content is worthy of being read, it is worthy of being styled.

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