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Content marketing: Printers using social media – whatever next!

July 2, 2010

There’s a delicious irony in the fact that one of the best content marketing videos on Youtube was created by a company in an industry that probably has the most to lose from the current surge in online content.

If you haven’t seen the Pazzaz Printing “corporate” video, then you have to check it out now.

The challenges facing printers today are numerous – some self-inflicted, some market driven. Printers, by and large, are viewed as one and the same; they have a grim reputation for customer service and the majority of customers purchase purely on price and then ask for the earth. Even the presses themselves are noisy, dirty and greasy.

In other words, a marketing director’s worst nightmare.

Based on Chicago filmmaker Steve Delahoyde’s “Regrets: Boxes,” the Pazzaz “Printing’s Alive” video shows how a company can break out of the pack without breaking the bank. The main goal of the 3-1/2-minute video was to demonstrate the company’s love for printing while making people laugh.

I was hooked by the opening line: “People think it’s magic, you know. They think the stuff just appears by waving a f***ing wand!

What I learned most from the video, however, is that the company is passionate about its industry and its services, that it lives and breathes the subject, that it doesn’t take itself too seriously and, most importantly, that I would love to find a way to do business them.

That, if nothing else, justified the time and energy dedicated to producing the video.

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