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Content marketing: the undervalued power of branded content

August 4, 2010

Much has been written the past few months about the effectiveness of branded content. Many commentators are doubting that it has the reach and engagement to move the needle among consumers, saying that they instead favor the quick hit of the traditional 30-second TV slot or magazine ad to influence purchase behavior.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Branded content, in many instances and when done well, can offer even more value to an audience than regular content. For example, the Callaway Magazine that our company launched several years ago has always been able to give great behind-the-scenes insight into product development and technology that its customers simply will not find anywhere else.

If you’re selling a $500 driver, for example, do you want to rely on an assistant editor at a golf magazine getting the story right or would you prefer to be able to tell that technology story in your own words, giving full and accurate information that will help the consumer make an informed decision?

Similarly, access to sponsored players such as Phil Mickelson or Ernie Els means the Callaway Magazine can deliver unique features, tips and columns from these star players that, again, no other magazine or publishing company would ever be able to obtain without having to pay a colossal amount of money.

The secret to creating successful branded content is leveraging those precious assets and resisting the temptation to throw your company’s name into every other sentence.

Branded content is advertising that doesn’t look like advertising, but it can also be content that is valuable, entertaining and problem-solving.

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