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content marketing: Does your social media have “swagger?”

August 6, 2010

Let’s face it…minivans have a bad rap. Or perhaps more accurately, minivan drivers have a bad rap. I’m the first to admit that, at times in the past, my wife and I have been as guilty as the next person of deriding this particular cross-section of society.

From the comfort of our swish 2-seater BMW Convertible, we would often raise a frustrated eyebrow as a “soccer mom” in a Honda Odyssey swerved into our lane without looking as she chatted on a cell phone, or brought traffic on a busy highway to a standstill while turning to hand out snacks to a backseat full of hungry kids.

Then a couple of children of our own came along and a funny thing happened. All of a sudden, we found ourselves admiring the easy functionality of those sliding doors, looking longingly at all that spacious leg room and leering lasciviously at all those cup holders. We resisted for a while but, in the end, the lure of those seven seats was just too much. We caved.

We have been a “Minivan Family” for eight years now, but only recently have we started to feel that our loyal, trusty and heavily dented vehicle had any kind of AT-TI-TU-DE. Thanks to Toyota’s recent “Swagger Wagon” campaign, we now feel good about our choice of vehicle and, more important, about ourselves as parents.

The commercials, which have been a viral phenomenon and appeared across all the major media platforms, –  TV, YouTube and Facebook – explain all the key features and benefits of the new Toyota Sienna through a series of entertaining, engaging and self-deprecating video vignettes starring “the perfect parents.” We can relate to the family issues satirized, like the loss of identity and the need to feel like we still got a little swagger going on!

The ads check all the necessary boxes required to be a hit:

Engaging — check

Entertaining — check

Relevant  — check

Shareable — check

Thank you Toyota for making it feel cool to be a mom and dad again!

See the videos here:

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