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Content marketing: Kudos to Bonobos

August 9, 2010

Given that it’s difficult enough to lure most men into a regular clothes stores at the best of times, what does a retailer need to do to get the male species to fire up their laptops to browse the latest Country Club and Polo Set apparel? Sensible answers on a postcard please!

Online clothing retailer Bonobos has used the full gamut of social media content tactics to attract, engage and captivate its male buyers. For a start, there’s a great blog. I loved the post about how the team decked themselves out in stars and stripes apparel before heading to the local sports bar to watch the USA Vs Algeria World Cup soccer game. The day after saw a post discussing the attire of the old-style tennis players at Wimbledon circa the 1930s. Relevant, timely and interesting. Perfect.

The most impressive thing is that seemingly all of the company’s staff actively contributes to the Bonobos blog. Each day, there’s a fun, topical, interesting post that – and this is the best part – never includes any mention of the company itself. Great self-restraint, guys! It’s selfless community contribution at its best – no corporate censorship, no brand policing, no sales pitches.

As you have probably gathered by now, Bonobos has embraced the concept of social media marketing. The company has some 6,000 Facebook fans and it uses the platform to not only interact with its customers, but to demonstrate that the company is listening and caring. Bonobos reached out to one enthusiastic fan who mentioned that the clothes were out of his price range and gave him a $50 discount on his first online purchase – a gesture that quickly went viral and no doubt created a fan for life.

Buying clothes generally isn’t the most entertaining online experience. You browse. You buy. You quit. But blogs powered by great content can turn what would otherwise be a sterile online catalog into a fun place to hang out. And social media platforms like Facebook enable companies to personally interact with their customers for a deeper level of engagement.

The owner of Bonobos explains his philosophy on letting happy customers build your brand. You can read it here:

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