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Content marketing: Why not all content is created equal

August 21, 2010

“Content” is a word that gets frivolously thrown around in marketing agency circles these days. Content, it seems, has suddenly become the miracle pill for any company’s communication problems. Want to more deeply engage your audience? Simple. Give them some content. Looking to revive a tired and dated brand? No problem. Content will revitalize it overnight. Need to reach a core demographic? Easy. A quick slice of content will instantly have your target audience lining up outside the store to try your product!
Unfortunately, not all content is created equal. Sure, you can go down the AOL or Yahoo home page route and churn out cheap drivel like “10 ways to tell if your man is cheating” or the “5 best ways to rewrite your resumé in a recession” However, that type of shallow content has very little engagement value beyond providing a quick two-minute diversion while you’re channel flicking and trying to figure out whether to watch American Idol or So You think You Can Dance. Content of that calibre has no place in any self-respecting brand’s content marketing program or campaign.
Creating meaningful and engaging material that engages, entertains and provides valuable solutions for your customers requires that you invest first in a content strategy and then in an accomplished editorial team to execute the plan. In today’s world, content is as much a creative representation of your brand as a 30-second TV slot, a magazine ad or a corporate brochure. In many ways, it is even more worthy of your attention since the content you create is often the first step in the meaningful dialog with your customers that leads to long term loyalty.


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